Emergency Supplies for your Vehicles

Whether you travel with your Newf occasionally or regularly, there are some items that would be good to keep in the vehicle as emergency assets for those unexpected situations, yours or others, such as an accident or a stalled vehicle.

Some basic emergency items to keep in your Newf travel vehicle are:

An old cell phone & charger – these are still good for 911 calls, should you forget your cell phone

A basic tool kit, including pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, common wrenches, jumper cables – even if you don’t know what to do, someone stopping to assist you may be able to help you enough to allow you to reach a service center. In hot weather, a stalled vehicle can quickly become an emergency for a Newf.

Items to keep your Newf secure and protected from heat:
• Reflective solar blanket, tarps
• Battery powered fan
• Sun shades for vehicle windows
• Crate, chain leash(es) – a nylon leash can be quickly cut with Newf teeth
• Water

Items to assist Emergency workers:
• Easily visible envelope with EMERGENCY contact information, phone numbers of people to notify for help with you or dogs
• Crate to keep dog secured, allowing emergency workers to do their jobs

Items to protect you and your Newf:
• Brightly colored safety vest with reflective striping
• Flashlights &/or head lamps
• First Aid kit (yourself and your Newf)
• Extra change for coin-operated toll booths
• Wet wipes

Miscellaneous resources for multiple purposes:
• Swiss Army pocketknife or multi-tool
• Bolt cutters – to cut open a damaged crate
• Towels - can use for bleeding injury or as sling to assist injured dog
• Rope, bungees
• Duct tape

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