Newfoundland Ambassadors


Find A Newfoundland Ambassador near you!

Our Ambassador search provides you with a list of Newfoundland Ambassadors within a 500 miles radius of your location. Since this is a new and growing program, we may not have ambassadors in every location yet. If your search does not yield an ambassador in your region - please check out these Regional Clubs across the country or email the Ambassador Program to get connected.

In our role as guardians of the Newfoundland Breed, it is incumbent on the NCA to make available as many good resources as possible to provide both existing and prospective Newfoundland owners with good information and an accurate understanding of the breed. The Internet has made it extremely easy for people to find information—much of it bad. But information in the vacuum of cyberspace can never replace the knowledge that can be gained from face-to-face contact with a local person and real Newfoundland dogs.

Look for the LOGO! Newf Ambassadors will be sporting their logo gear at Regional, National and all-breed dog events; look for an Ambassador if you have questions or are looking for someone to connect with!


The NCA Newf Ambassador Program is designed to ensure to the extent possible that any member of the public who wants to learn more about Newfoundlands has a knowledgeable and local person to talk with. This will include both people who are interested in whether or not a Newfoundland might be the right dog for them, as well as people who currently own Newfoundlands and may be wanting some additional help (for example, training, grooming, becoming involved with water or draft training, or simply having fun with their dogs). Newf Ambassadors will be experienced in and knowledgeable about the breed and the regional and national clubs and must be willing to spend time meeting with people face to face and providing an introduction to their dogs, when appropriate.


The goals of the program are to provide a local resource that can:

· Help more people make a correct assessment about whether or not a Newfoundland is the right dog for them.

· Encourage existing Newfoundland owners to join their Regional Club, local obedience/training clubs, and the NCA.

· Direct Newfoundland owners to information (Web site, Newf Tide, eNotes, and more) that can help them in taking better care of their dogs.

· Introduce Newfoundland owners to additional ways to have fun with their dogs (water work, parade carting, draft work, therapy dog work, obedience, CGC, and more).