Stay Connected With Your Breeder

Once you take your puppy home, your relationship with his breeder shouldn’t end – it should just be starting. Good breeders don’t regard the selling of a puppy as the end of their involvement with that dog and its new owners; good breeders are willing to provide help and suggestions throughout your dog’s life.

Your breeder should be a willing source of valuable information, and his or her experience with Newfoundlands can prove a treasure trove of advice and support. While veterinarians and fellow dog owners should also be vital parts of your “support network,” your puppy’s breeder will most likely have a strong personal interest in seeing you and your puppy succeed, bond, and grow together. And while you’ve probably signed a contract with your breeder, and while money changed hands, rest assured that, if your breeder is typical, acquiring a puppy from him or her was not primarily a business transaction. It’s about dogs, not dollars – most breeders barely cover their costs. It’s about the dog, and making sure he’s found the best possible home and that you’ve found the best possible companion.

That’s why your contract has a clause about returning the puppy to the breeder should it prove impossible for you to keep your dog; that’s why most breeders delight in hearing from the owners of puppies they bred, even as those puppies grow into senior canine citizens. Breeders can help with all sorts of issues and answer many of the questions you might have on issues ranging from feeding to socialization to veterinarian recommendations (if they live nearby) to helping you get connected to your local Newfoundland community.

So make sure you have your breeder’s phone number and email address and keep them handy, and don’t be shy about sending her pictures and progress reports as you and your pup move through life together.

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